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Well we are having a hop coming up on the 29th and new stuff coming in from the store so I thought I would use a little twine for this post and the new stuff for the hop! How exciting, getting new things!   Jessi has just re-opened her store on etsy store, I am very excited for her to get started again!  To make this short and sweet here is the card I chose.  The upcoming hop is called “Love is in the air”  Get ready for alot of valentines projects because there is alot of that going around , here is my card….


I fell in love with the finished product!  I hope this has inspired you to hop on over to her store and check out what she has.  Pam at Mzlavr2 also has a project to inspire you as well as

Jessi at My Life in Art n Crafts.

Why is your blog so bland today Lissa, you may ask…
Well sure, I would be happy to tell you, it is very good news.  I have built the foundation, on the street I want to live on and now I have built a home.  My WordPress account is now my new website, and not just a blog anymore, I own it now and I have gone self-hosted, why do you ask?  Well that is coming up soon because I have alot of learning to do and big ideas so stay tuned.  I have yet to figure out the new widgets to add my subscribe buttons so far since I just signed up tonight, I do apologize for that and will be working on it tomorrow through out the day, if you see something funky and strange that is just me in the background trouble shooting!  For now, I have to get to bed so I can learn fresh in the morning!

Happy Crafting, Blogging it and more!


Back to digital layouts!

Comments are still open for the ALL ABOUT PENGUIN HOP, check it out!

Boy I haven’t posted one of these in a long time!   Today I met someone new on the internet through my crafty Facebook friends, oh my gosh I couldn’t believe I sat here for 3 hours talking to her we had so much in common with photography and scrapping and blogging, the list just went on and on, it was AMAZING!  Well she also introduced me to YTLH© (You Tube Layout Hop) group,  it’s hopping like I always do but the post is video, not just pictures.  If you are interested you should search it on youtube and see tons of scrappers do amazing stuff.  Her layouts as absolutely amazing too.  I love her style, although it isn’t how I do mine, but I love her work.  http://www.craftyx.blogspot.com/

Well after the vinyl decor hop (behind the scenes) I thought I would never do a video again, lol.  But I don’t mind doing screen cast videos.  So I asked her if I could do a digital layout, she said sure.  I am the only one but she is open to new media!  So I am going to break the mold, lol.. and give it a shot.  I tried practicing tonight but the layout choice and how to layer it, it turned out to be way more difficult than I anticipated.  So if you are slightly curious on how to make a blog button or anything digital like that you can watch my YouTube channel and see how the process works.  I will be working in CS5 I tried to work in Elements tonight so I can do tutorials in Elements but this layout was far to complicated for a crash course.  So I am going to have to spoil it for myself and show you what I worked on to practice for my video.  Since I am on vacation this week I will just have to take more photos!  If you can make a layout in scrapbooking software, you definitely can make your own blog button!  I love this picture of my kids, I have so many more in the series of the whole family on my Dad’s side too.. it will be awesome to make a few pages of it.  So here is my practice layout..Mybrother_Myfriend

Not my usual colors, I like to do my own designs alot but this one is a kit I used, created by Valerie Foster – http://www.doyoudigi.com called California Cool.  I downloaded it off the internet for free a couple of years ago. I just saw it on her site, but didn’t see where you can download it.  I am sure if you google it, it surely can be found on one of those free digi sites. Soooo, keep an eye out for this new medium!  She has  up to 12 youtubers sign up for the hops and I watched some of the videos, you can watch them put the layouts together in real-time.  Alot of the videos are in fast forward with music so it isn’t boring and dragged out.  Some have the layout done then they explain all the materials they used and where they got them.  I am not exactly sure how I am going to do mine yet because I have all my colors all my stamps all my stuff right at the click of my fingers.  If I get enough traffic I can turn them into tutorials for the hops I join!  Since I won’t be using this one for the hop, I thought I would share!  I hope you are having a great weekend, and getting some crafting in!  Until next time.. happy crafting.. Hope to see you Tuesday for http://mylifeinartsncrafts.blogspot.com/ DT valentine card I will be posting!  Need a little jute or twine?  She is adding in some burlap too!


All about Penguins Blog hop

Welcome to the All About Penguins Blog Hop!
We’re so glad you could join us! Today we’d like to share with you a whole bunch of crafty projects made using our favorite, adorable, and lovable winter friends… penguins!
If you’ve just come across the hop and would like to start at the beginning, please visit Ashley’s blog. If you’ve come from Hot Berry Designs you’re in the right place!
I’ve made a nice card with one of the digi stamps that I won from a banner hop at Fresh Brewed Designs.
 I first colored it in Photoshop, then printed it on photo paper, then cute the cute little thing out.  Then I free hand cut out the wind swirls as I call them and ran the print through my printer.  I have a tutorial on how I do this. I was pretty impressed since I am not much of a coloring girl, I like to once and awhile but I don’t have as much time as I like to do so.  When I heard about the hop, I just had to join and show off my little penguin!
We have some fabulous sponsors ready to give away prizes to those who comment AND follow every stop of the hop!
$20 Gift Certificate
$20 Gift Certificate
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3 patterns of your choice
$10 Gift Certificate

*NEW* CTMH Paper Packet
Kit Includes: Chantilly 6 – 12×12 B&T Duos (2 of each 3 double designs)
6 – 12×12 Cardstock Sheets (2 Champagne, 2 Twilight, 1 Buttercup, 1 Cotton Candy)

Sponsored by our very own Vanessa
Please follow her Facebook page as well to be eligible to win
Winners will be randomly chosen and announced on Tuesday January 8th at Made Especially For You. Please remember that you most comment and follow each stop of the hop to be eligible to win! You have through this Sunday evening to hop.
I guess I am your last stop in the hop, feel free to browse back around and pin your favorites on Pinterest!
Here’s the complete lineup for you to go back and check them out:
15. Lissa Marie – http://somanycrafts.com
Happy Hopping! 🙂

I thought I died and went to button heaven!

Yesterday I was just asking someone if there was a place in town that sells used buttons by the bag.  Every year we go to the mountains and this little town that has a town yard sale… well it’s pretty much turned into a fair like event with all the people coming in to sell their stuff.  There is this one vendor that has two bins of buttons that I love to root through for at least an hour.  Then late last night after a looooong overdue visit to Craigslist I went, and saw in the craft section, buttons!  What a coincidence!  I emailed him to ask if they were still available.  He calls back today, and sure enough his house was on my way home!

So here I was in button heaven!


Apparently his wife who passed away crafted and collected everything under the sun. He had thousands of buttons with a book that tells you the value of the button with pictures selling it as a lot for about $100.00, when some of the buttons are worth ALOT EACH.


The little ones in the middle are real pearls, he sounded like he tried to figure it out but was kinda giving up.  But that is not all, he use to own the biggest antique shop in town and he had TONS of stuff. Like a $900.00 cookie jar, he had cookie jars everywhere.

Check out these gorgeous Barbies!



IMG3302   IMG3304

Expensive!   Oh, yes I said that with a capital E!

Oh and so much more!  It was great!  I got to pick out my selection of buttons 100 for $6.00 and got 9.00 worth!   I don’t need the fancy expensive ones, I just wanted craft buttons that are not to small for flower centers and calendars and such!   Oh what fun!   I just had to share, this awesome experience.  Yes, I had someone with me going to some old man’s house… creeepy, lol.  But he was a nice old man and she loves antiques so she got to see soooo much more than I did while picking out buttons.

Hope to see you tomorrow for the “All about Penguins” Blog hop hosted by Especially Made by Ashley.

Happy Crafting!


Fun Fun Fun…

I was so excited about the vinyl hop I was already doing another vinyl project by the end of the night.  I was at the store and saw this cup that screamed at me, ViNYL ME, ViNYL me!  So I came home and was in Photoshop I knew it had to have hearts on it and something frilly.  So I threw something together and wala… but wait, if it is a cone shape it can’t be straight.  So I sent it to my friend Pam all the way across the country and said Pam I need help!  My design needs to be warped to fit my cup!  She (as always) was happy to help me out and then sent the image back and that evening I was a happy camper with my new custom designed cup.  She say’s, “I have that cup” So I told her to make one too so she can think of me every time she uses it, of course she called me a dork!  But hey… I am what I am!  lol


ValentineCup1   ValentineCup2

So here it is… I am so excited. Showing the front rolling it around to the back.  I just love it.  The cup just seems to be kind of our thing.  Although she did encourage me to put it up on my Etsy store, so I have listed it there too for Valentines day!   Hope you love them enough to grab one up.  If you buy two you get 10% off!

Visit me at my very itsty bitsy Etsy Shop and buy one today!


head on over to check out Pam’s Cup on her Blog too!

Vinyl Decor, Have you tried it yet?


I am very excited to give you my very first video tutorial on how to work with vinyl for our blog hop today with the Krazy Crafting Crew.  Yes, we are onto a new year on inspiration focusing on specific projects with different views.   I am your host today and will be giving away some free vinyl to one lucky follower who comments, if you get picked and you have commented on all blogs, I will add even more vinyl to your package!  I will even put in some of my fancy dollar store transfer tape with it!

I hope you enjoy the tutorial.  I am no expert on these but I have been practicing with KCC as my audience, so here it goes…

As I am doing another vinyl project tonight with very intricate cuts, I have another tip for you.  I usually take a craft knife and kiss cut the pieces around the image into sections so you are not peeling the entire design all at once.

You also don’t want to miss out on the sponsor opportunity to win some free digis from Scrapbook Stamp Society.  1 commenter who comments on all blogs will get 3 new digi’s and extra entry if you like their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ScrapbookStampSociety

If you liked this post and would like to see more tutorials to come, please sign up to follow my blog.  You can find email,  Network blogs or WordPress whichever you choose so you can get the latest content right in your inbox!

So your next stop will be with Janet at


Here is your entire line up if needed for tabbed browsing

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Cicily      www.Pinkdalmationscrapper.blogspot.com

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Zenita   www.scrappinwithz.blogspot.com

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Jearise www.lorbysworld.blogspot.com

Pam       www.mzlavr2.blogspot.com

Jessi       www.mylifeinartsncrafts.blogspot.com

Have a wonderful day!


Lazy New Year Day…

Didn’t get alot done today,  but a little of  this and that.  So I thought I would show off my craft for the day, other than the daily notebook Abby and I make.   (She loves notebooks and paper in general)  Today as I was cleaning off my desk I need a place to put her papers.  So I got busy with my mat board and made her a file slot.  Now I just need to figure out where to put it!


It was pretty easy, only took about 20 min to cut the board to 12×12 sides, another something like 12×15 then centered it.  Making the center 12×12 then each side I cut the angle with a tab attached.  Used my trusty ole’ packing tape to seal it all and cover it up with pretty paper!  Pretty easy!  Now I just have to figure out where to hang it!

Hope to see you at the Vinyl Decor hop coming up this Sunday.  We I will be giving away some vinyl for one lucky follower/commenter.  Some of the other blogs may be doing give aways too!

 I love the look of my new theme, customized by me 🙂  Now the comment section is  at the bottom where people can actually find it!

Have a great week!